In November 2018, 7 paddlers from 6 Universities around the UK were selected to go as a group on a white water kayaking expedition.
They decided to go Far East to The mountains of Lake Baikal, Russia. More information on the area can be found on the link.



Fine Art Painting and Printmaking, Glasgow School of Art

Team Leader and sponsorship/grants

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BSc Product Design, Bangor University
Publicity and Media

I am a product designer, kayaker and Christian with a passion for the outdoors. I have lived in south Wales most of my life and starting kayaking at 8, paddling polo and CIWW (artificial white water course) in a playboat. When I was 12 I Joined a local Slalom club where I made it up the Ranks to Premier Division and Team Wales. 
After this I started paddling rivers, heading to countries such as Norway, Uganda and Austria and then in 2018 I represented GB in the U23 extreme slalom world championships, and worked as a Raft Guide in Austria. I now live in North Wales, kayaking local classic rivers such as the Fairy glen, Conwy.
I’m looking forward to some great paddling and adventures in Russia!



Biomedical Sciences, University of Dundee

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Dentistry, Queens University Belfast

I grew up on the banks of the river Tryweryn as a slalom paddler, racing all around Europe representing Wales and Britain. The summer before heading to uni I jumped in a plastic kayak for the first time and headed off to Austria, I have been hooked ever since. To date I have paddled in the French Alps, Slovenia, Austria twice and a fair amount in Wales and Scotland. I love returning to Wales, often ending up on the river before I’ve set foot in my house. 
I’m excited for this adventure and to see what Russia has to offer (minus any bears or tigers)!



MScR in Arctic Riverine Geochemistry, Edinburgh university

I started kayaking with my local canoe club in Aberdeenshire when I was about 13 and learned the basics of the sport and got my first taste of whitewater in my local rivers the Dee and Don. After a while I changed my interests from whitewater to Canoe polo where I played for my local team and progressed from division 4 to 1 in the Scottish leagues as the youngest team in the leagues. However, after joining university and EUCC my love for rivers and whitewater overtook my polo interests and I my learning curve was steep. Progressing from my earlier river skills on grade 2-3 rivers to regularly running grade 4 in the Scottish Highlands (plus the occasional 5 to increase the fear factor!). Trips abroad to the French and Italian Alps as well as Uganda made me really push my kayaking skills and made me want to travel around the world with my kayak even more and the potential for exploration makes BUKE an incredibly exciting opportunity! I am really looking forward to exploring a relatively unknown kayaking destination, meeting amazing people, seeing spectacular landscapes and rivers and doing all this with an awesome team with the same passions!



Medicine, University of Dundee


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Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Management, University of Worcester

 publicity and sponsorship/grants

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